We have many exciting faith based events planned for our youth and young adults throughout the year. Learning, sharing, and growing in faith, in a fun and enriching environment is our goal.

Parish Youth Events

We post information regularly in the church bulletin and our youth bulletin board in the church entrance.  The HFP Youth Facebook Page, and the HFP Youth Instagram Account also have informations about youth events for both parents and youth. If you ever have questions, feel free to contact Noëlle Pottle at


Youth Groups

Youth Programs Participant Registration Form and Waver

VERVE: For youth in grades 6-8, Verve is filled with games, talks, videos, and more. This year, we are using LifeTeen as our youth night program on alternating weeks, while we have Fun Nights, Guest Speakers and more on the other nights. Verve is at the Holy Family every Wednesday from 7-8:30, unless otherwise advertised. 

UNITE: Having a group of friends that share your faith is so important, and that is what Unite does.  This youth group is for all youth in grades 9-12, and is held at Holy Fmaily every Monday from 7-9, unless otherwise advertised. We are also using LifeTeen as this year's program, with Fun Nights, Guest Speakers, and more, sprinkled throughout the year!


High School Youth, Mark Your Calendars!

CHAOS is a LifeTeen Retreat based on the Creative Power of God, and how we can turn the chaos of our lives into something beautiful.

This retreat is being hosted by 5 parishes from the Edmonton area, for all youth in grades 9-12. CHAOS is being held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sherwood Park on January 10-12.

And we know that is a crazy time for high school kids, but what better way to relax and prepare yourselves for school and exams, than by spending a weekend with Christ!

Please prayerfully discern attending this amazing retreat!

Chaos Retreat 2020 Poster 4

Young Adults

INVICTA: This program is new to this year.  Invicta is a group for Young Adults who have graduated high school and are ages 18+.  These youth groups are only once a month, and the date changes based on the event. To stay updated on all Invicta events, please like and follow the HFP Invicta Facebook Page.