Special Appeal

This summer, major repairs will be made to our Church roof directly over our Sanctuary and worship area.  With the support of all our Parish families we can reach our fundraising goal to pay for the project!  Please read on.

Specific Concern

Our Church Building is 27 years old.  While basic roof maintenance is expected, the roof over our Sanctuary is water-damaged in several areas, including upper walls and windows.  Extensive repairs are needed to secure the roof now, to prevent more water damage and avoid even higher repair costs.

The concerns identified include:

  • Roof shingles reached their life span
  • Vapour barrier of the roof is not totally sealed (moisture, mold in roof insulation)
  • Compromised air and vapour barrier in upper walls and around upper windows
  • Signs of rot on window sills due to no ventilation of the stained glass
  • Improperly installed ridge shingles and dormer flashing
  • “Reverse slope” in some places on flashing at lower windows
  • Moisture leakage into wall areas due to eavestrough sitting on wall
  • Heat loss at steel roof beams (so more condensation is likely)


The drawing below indicates the repairs needed. 

roof southroof west

Support From All Parish Families Will Make a Difference!

Our Parish families can support the project by donating an affordable amount to our Parish Building Fund.  Every donation is important and appreciated.

Suggested donation amount: $14.50 per month to the Parish Building Fund for 12 months (or a one-time donation of $175). 

Donations may be made:

  • On-line (credit card/PayPal): Click Donate Online on our homepage and follow the on-screen instructions. Please select Building Fund under the Fund field.
  • By debit – Complete the form: “Debit Authorization - To Donate Monthly to The Building Fund” (available from our Parish Office (9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday)). You may also use this form to revise an existing debit authorization. 
  • By cheque – if you use boxed envelopes, please place your donation in the green envelope marked Contingency Fund (this is the Building Fund). If you do not use boxed envelopes, please use a plain envelope, and mark it “Building Fund.”    

(Tax receipts issued for debit or cheque donations of $20 or more.) 

Our Building Fund

The Parish Building Fund is used only for major church building maintenance projects.  It is funded by Parishioners’ generous donations.  Currently, the fund could cover 40% of the total cost of the roof project.  By raising the needed additional funds this year (approximately $470,000) we can cover all the costs.    

More Information

A Parish Roof Project team will lead a two-month information campaign in May and June 2018.  Contact Terri at  

Roof Project Updates

Early April

A group of parish volunteers formed a roof project team to coordinate an information and fundraising campaign, at the request of the Parish Finance Committee. 

April 7

Brother Anthony Council – Knights of Columbus hosted a Beatles “All You Need is Love” Tribute Night to raise funds for the roof project.  The event generated more than $10,500 in proceeds to the project.

April 12

Parish issued a Bid Tender Package to a list of qualified contractors.

May 3

Bids received from contractors on the roof project and will be reviewed by a team of Parish Maintenance Committee members and an architectural firm, hired by the Parish to assist in the process.